089 Rick Mayo and Mike Gelfgot – How to Market Group Training in Your Club to New and Existing Members

089 Rick Mayo and Mike Gelfgot – How to Market Group Training in Your Club to New and Existing Members

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Group training is a topic we get lots of questions about.  Last year on show 50, Adrian Antigua from Gainesville Health and Fitness answered a number of your questions, and this time we have invited Rick Mayo and Mike Gelfgot along to share their expertise on the subject.

About Rick

Rick Mayo

Rick Mayo is the founder and CEO of Alloy Personal Training Center, Alloy Personal Training Solutions and Alloy for Women.
He is a featured speaker at conferences domestically and internationally, speaking on how to best sell and service personal training, leadership and trends in the fitness industry. He presented over 31 times just last year as a subject matter expert in personal training. He has written numerous articles on the business of fitness for trade journals and contributes regularly to national publications such as Men’s Health.

About Mike

Mike Gelfgot

Michael Gelfgot’s drive to be a different kind of a health club started 12 years ago when he met his business partner John Spence. Between the two, they operate 23 Anytime Fitness locations in the United States.  He and his team have won multiple awards including the 2007 Club Operators of the Year, 2013 Success Story and Personal Trainer of the Year, 2015 Community Outreach Award, plus Mike was the very first Personal Trainer of the year back in 2012 and the first franchisee to get the Anytime Fitness tattoo!

To start the show, we talk about great apps to help you get organised in your business.

You Will Learn


  • Great strategies for converting current members over to group training
  • Critical systems you need to run a successful program
  • Tips for launching group training in your club


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[Tweet “A successful coach is passionate and has a great story that inspires others @gelfgotpt”]

[Tweet “Go where your customers are and pump out great content! @CoachRMayo”]

[Tweet “If you want to control the customer experience then you need to control the programing @CoachRMayo”]

[Tweet “Have a sales system and a person, or people, dedicated to selling group training @CoachRMayo”]

[Tweet “Take really good care of your clients @gelfgotpt”]

[Tweet “To emphasize small group training in your gym put it in a place that is highly visible @CoachRMayo”]

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show


Rick Mayo

Mike Gelgot

Apps Recommended

Precor Quick Fire Five with Monique Valcour
Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation: A 28-Day Program

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