023 Debora Warner – Turning Your Passion Into Profit

023 Debora Warner – Turning Your Passion Into Profit

Debora Warner is the president and CEO of Mile High Run Club. A niche fitness business that caters to runners, both new and experienced. They promote themselves as the first dedicated studio for running, and its based in the heart of NYC. Debora herself has coached hundreds of runners over the past several years, she is an RRCA Certified Running Coach as well as an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and lifetime endurance athlete. Mile High Run Club is an example of how a passion can turn into a profitable business and throughout this interview, Debora shares some of her keys to success and the exciting plans for the future of Mile High Run Club.

Also this week, we have a highlight from one of our first 20 shows, Fred Hoffman from show 10, we take a listen back to his recommendations on Social Media. PLUS! Sharon Tousley, our podcast marketing expert, drops by to tell us ‘why it’s important to rank high in iTunes’ New & Noteworthy category. Also later in the show, we hear about one of our awesome sponsors, Visual Fitness Planner and why it is the ultimate way to improve your clubs Set-Show-Close percentages.

Top Tips From The Show

  • Having a dedicated marketing person for your business enables you to really ramp up your social media presence.
  • Launching a new business requires a support team, people that can do the things you can’t!
  • If you are the fitness person, don’t partner with another fitness person, get people that bring a different skill set to your business.

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show

Debora Warner
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Visual Fitness Planner
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Fred Hoffman
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