Change needs Action, Action needs Motivation

Change needs Action, Action needs Motivation


 1. “Make (someone or something) different; alter or modify.

 2. Replace (something) with something else, especially something of the same kind that is newer or better; substitute one thing for another.

 3. To make or become different.

Change your mind –

“To form a new opinion or make a new decision about something that is different from your old one.”

Change for the better –

“Her attitude has definitely changed for the better since ……”

Change your ways –

“If he is going to carry on, he will have to change his ways.

Many industry friends and colleagues have faced change (let us not say pivot!) over the last 18 months – some have embraced this and emerged beautifully others have found it more difficult and needed more nudges. Sadly, a couple have found it all too much with awful consequences that will haunt us forever.

Working in the world of CX and Retention of Health Club/Gym members and having been involved in fast growing fitness businesses as both operator and supplier, my mission is to help businesses define and work to a common purpose with strong culture and values driving strategy. If your purpose, culture, and values are clear and strong you can achieve more with less time, effort, and money.

I would like to share strategies that have helped me and my clients, I hope this will help others as we all continue to pivot – I mean cope with change!

 1. Have clear purpose, values, and culture.

Let us not just talk about these, lets define these. Purpose is “what you do for who”.  Values are how you expect to behave (and hope others would) and culture is how you behave. My takeaway from #FBP show 369 “what the fitness industry can learn from the All Blacks” was that performance is a function of preparation. When the All Backs lose a match, they do not just review the match they review the entire preparation leading up to the match.

2. You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to what is happening to you.

Rehearsing situations that might present themselves helped me a lot in life, especially my younger days. #FBP show 346 “The power of neuroscience in getting results” really struck a chord with me. Your conscious mind can cope with processing only a few actions at once (as a man I can confirm this) yet your unconscious mind processes many thousands of inputs in a second. My takeaway is that you do not have to let your unconscious mind control you, you can control the messages that are sent to it (yes, the “chimp paradox” changed my life).


3. We all deal with change in our own way.

One of my biggest principles in life has been to never judge others unless you genuinely know their story. #FBP 304 “Making Introverts Welcome in Your Club” dropped some major knowledge bombs on me during the lockdown. Let’s face it most of our industry is driven by extroverts. Even as an introvert I recognise I am only an introvert when I am not being an extrovert. Introverts have exercise and health goals too, so open your minds and doors/Apps to these guys as well.  Think about your onboarding process for both our members and your staff, take that journey and examine how the touch points will impact introverts and extroverts alike.


4. Ever heard the theory that you are the sum part of the five people you hang out with the most?

I was reminded of it whilst listening to #FBP 359 where a group of industry leaders shared what they were seeing in clubs so far in 2021. A great reminder that if you need help or a sounding board in this industry, we are blessed to have many around us who will be glad to help and be honoured to help. Please if you need a sounding board, some help or just someone to have a beer or a coffee with let me know. (a beer is preferable but not essential).


4. Routine!

A great way of making new habits that stick is to diarise the new behaviour. If you are in a rut, start creating some new habits.  My advice is to start small yet think big.  One of the best habits I have that has really helped me through some of the darker moments of the last eighteen-months has been to think positively as I fall asleep (not as easy as it sounds) and to be grateful for what I have rather than bemoan the tings that have been lost. In #FBP 300 “Five steps to Simplify Leadership” Luke Carlson reminds us to never be afraid to take a what he calls a “clarity break” step outside of your business for ten minutes an hour or a day, whatever it takes to remind you of your purpose values and culture. You may also guess that part of my weekly routine is to listen to the #FBP every Friday morning whilst walking my dog (he is a poodle, so he also loves to stick to routine).


5. Help someone less fortunate.

Every Thursday evening of lockdown I worked for a local charity helping get food to kids in an area of my home city that a lot of people consider a no-go zone – truly the best experience in my life for many years. If you do not have time to give – give a friendly smile and warm hello to those you pass as you go about your day.

As always thank you for reading, please let me know your feedback and if you need anything do get in touch.

Jon Nasta 

Jon Nasta is a Consulting Partner for Retention Solutions Ltd, and  Often accused of being obsessed with member engagement and retention Jon has held positions such as COO of Retention Management, Sales Director of Matrix Fitness and Marketing Director for Xercise4Less.

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