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A note from the host, Chantal Brodrick

You know those times when you hear an amazing speaker and wish you could capture that information to share with your team and colleagues?

Well when I interviewed Casey Conrad for the Sales Intensive Series I knew we were going to hit gold – and that is exactly what happened!

For those of you who have had the privilege of attending Caseys training, presentations or have read her books, you already know what an experienced and talented educator she is.  For those who haven’t heard Casey, you’re in for a treat!  You’ll be amazed how much information we cover in these four 20 minute interviews.

I know everyone learns differently.  That’s why we like to call The Fitness Business Podcast a 3D Podcast: audio, video and written content. You can listen to the show, download the transcription or watch the YouTube video.

It is with support from ABC Financial that we created this e-book.  You can read it all at once, or focus on one section, do the homework and then move onto the next section.  That means this ebook can be used like a workbook to improve your sales skills which makes it a powerful sales training resource in your business.

Here is a breakdown of the chapters

  • Chapter 1:  The 8 Steps to Fitness Sales
  • Chapter 2:  The 5 pre-qualifying questions you must ask a prospect
  • Chapter 3: How to handle sales objections
  • Chapter 4: How to make follow up calls when a prospect doesn’t buy

Remember, all the information Casey teaches is timeless and relevant to every fitness business and whatever you are selling in your fitness business.

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