520 4 Step Process for Handling Customer Complaints with Hank Ebeling

520 4 Step Process for Handling Customer Complaints with Hank Ebeling


Hank Ebeling is the Owner and Lead Coach at H4 Training. His training systems have helped countless clients achieve their goals and get into the best shape of their lives.  He is also passionate about helping small businesses transform their customer service and elevate their customers’ experience. Hank is the author of the book “Crushing the Competition with Service” and has created an online course called “Superhero Service Super Profits” to help businesses deliver outstanding service consistently.

Hank has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, and is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. Hank has been in the training industry for 8+ years, working on his craft at numerous health clubs and private training studios. 

what you’ll learn

Customers of all kinds are bound to share a complaint with your business one day, so why not be prepared for how to deal with it? Today’s guest will deliver a 4 step process that will help you and your team handle customer complaints professionally, which will be a win for both you and your customer.

  • What is the 4 step process for handling customer complaints?
  • Biggest key in handling customer complaints
  • Implementing customer service training with your staff

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episode chapters

[0:00:07]Introduction to the topic of handling customer complaints
[0:01:46]Advertisements for Hapana and Myzone’s Fitbizpiration
[0:04:57]Introduction to the interview with Hank Ebeling
[0:06:49]Hank Ebeling explains the four-step process for handling customer complaints
[0:08:14]Step 1: Acknowledge the complaint
[0:08:49]Step 2: Apologize for the situation
[0:09:27]Step 3: Make it right by solving the problem
[0:10:43]Step 4: Thank the customer for bringing the issue to attention
[0:11:47]Emphasizing the importance of fixing the issue to prevent recurrence
[0:11:47]Handling complaints: Acknowledge, Apologize, Make it right, Thank them
[0:12:36]Apologizing empathetically and avoiding defensiveness
[0:13:29]Importance of not getting defensive and resolving the issue
[0:14:20]Systematizing complaint handling and involving the entire team
[0:15:38]Caution with offering free stuff, ask what would make it right
[0:16:43]Using the word “complimentary” instead of “free”
[0:17:14]Avoiding defensiveness and resolving the issue for the customer
[0:18:15]Thanking customers for bringing up complaints is rarely done
[0:19:34]Acknowledging customers’ value and thanking them can defuse tension
[0:21:28]Teaching the complaint handling process during onboarding and reminders
[0:22:42]Introduction to the topic of hospitality and team alignment.
[0:23:36]Importance of teaching service and standards before job skills.
[0:24:03]Introduction to Hank’s online course, Superhero Service Super Profits.
[0:24:28]Description of the course and its goal of transforming businesses.
[0:26:02]Short-form videos in the course for busy entrepreneurs.
[0:26:58]Discussion of Hank’s recent achievements and future plans.
[0:27:40]Invitation to check out Hank’s online course in the Show Notes.
[0:28:09]Introduction to next week’s guest, Donna McGeorge.
[0:28:28]Fun questions about Donna’s guilty pleasure and productivity habits.
[0:29:02]Donna’s calming activity and book recommendation.



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