475 The Value Proposition for Pledging Physical Activity   

475 The Value Proposition for Pledging Physical Activity   

In 2020, the Physical Activity Alliance was made to create, support, and advocate for system change that enables all Americans to enjoy physically active lives. Our country is suffering from an inactivity crisis, and the Physical Activity Alliance has identified a brilliant way to bring awareness to this issue and create a specific call to action. That call to action comes in the form of the CEO Pledge for Physical Activity. The goal of this pledge is to impact at least 10 million people!

Any people leader can sign, regardless of industry – and by signing, you’re committed to putting physical activity at the forefront of your company culture. People leaders can do this by first modeling their own healthy lifestyle and showing employees how they can stay healthy and fit, regardless of where their office may be. To fulfill the pledge, leaders must implement three strategies to create a culture that supports physical activity. But don’t worry, the PAA is there to support you with creative ideas any leader could easily implement!

After sharing some of these ideas that leaders can easily implement to create a physically fit ‘work’ culture, Graham ends this insightful episode with fitness specific opportunities that fitness business operators need to be mindful of going into a new year. This is a cannot miss episode for all leaders to encourage fitness in our daily lives.

what you'll learn

  • Learn what the Physical Activity Alliance is, when and why it was created, and which organizations are involved in making it a success.
  • We cover the CEO Pledge for Physical Activity – you’ll learn who can sign it, why someone should sign it, what the pledge states, and how leaders ultimately fulfill the pledge.
  • Graham Melstrand provides insight into what fitness leaders need to pay attention to as we go into 2023.

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