430 Tips for Owning a Profitable Personal Training Business w/ Jessica Blasingame

430 Tips for Owning a Profitable Personal Training Business w/ Jessica Blasingame

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What you’ll learn

This episode is about how to make money in your personal training business.  Jessica Blasingame is the founder of Beam Financial Group. In this episode, she talks about the importance of managing numbers. Learn the best way to create a financial forecast. Finally, discover how to make better decisions for your business.

More About our guest

Jessica helps small fitness business owners. She helps shine a light on their finances. In turn, they can make empowered decisions and run their business with confidence. 

Jessica graduated from the University of Texas with a Master’s in Professional Accounting.  At this time, she worked for a Big 4 public accounting firm. Following that, Jessica worked as a corporate accountant for a large utility company. 

From Corporate Accountant to Certified Health Coach

She began to experience health issues because of the stress of the job. As a result, she began a journey of healing her body and mind. Jessica explored and studied nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Jessica became Certified Health Coach and left corporate accounting. Energized by her new work, she launched her own health coaching practice.

Helping Fitness Business Owners & Personal Trainers

She offered corporate wellness programs and worked one on one coaching clients. Unsurprisingly, she began fielding tax, accounting, and business consulting questions from other entrepreneurs.  As a result, Jessica realized she could help small business owners.  She now uses her combined backgrounds to help business owners focus on their passion.  

Your Podcast Snapshot

  • The importance of cash flow in planning for the future
  • How much cash reserves is enough for your business?
  • The difference between creating a budget and a financial road map


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