387 The Value Proposition for Stopping Tailgaters and Protecting Profits

387 The Value Proposition for Stopping Tailgaters and Protecting Profits

The Value Proposition is where Sarah Pellegrino chats with an industry supplier to find out the value they bring to their customers and the industry.  You will not only hear about the features of the product or service – which you can read on their websites or brochures – you will hear about the deep value and return of investment for you!   



  • Carter Maslan, Co-founder & CEO, Camio
  • Larissa Duzhansky, VP Sales, Camio
  • Luther White, President & CEO, NRG Lab

Show Summary

It’s a fitness industry tale as old as time: tailgating leads to loss of profits. For years, it was something owners and managers accepted with no real solution, until now! Camio has made a splash in the fitness industry and has a simple and affordable solution for you to stop tailgaters (once and for all) and to protect those profits!

Carter Maslan, Camio CEO, joins us to first explain how Camio came to be and where in the world Camio works (Hint: almost everywhere, 35 time zones to be exact)! We chat average revenue lost by tailgating and profits restored by their solution. Automation is a big topic of discussion too – how do we alert the members who are caught tailgating?

Luther White, CEO of NRG Lab in Massachusetts, joins us for this episode to speak to his first-hand account of partnering with Camio for a tailgating solution in his gyms. We chat implementation, hardware required, numbers/figures, reporting, and the multiple uses of Camio in his clubs!

Last but surely not least, Larissa Duzhansky, Camio VP of Sales, provides insight as to the time commitment of implementing Camio, who to reach out to when you want to get started, pricing, Camio support and so much more!


What you’ll learn:

  • Tune in to hear about how Camio, a global product, can be used in your health clubs (with your existing cameras) to stop tailgating once and for all in your facilities and protect those profits!
  • Learn the other uses of Camio above and beyond a tailgating solution: mask detection, social distancing management, occupancy insights, equipment theft, facility damage, and ultimately an archive for slip and fall/security claims.
  • “If you can track it, you can measure it, if you can measure it, you can improve it” – hear Luther White’s experience implementing Camio into his health clubs and how he has combated tailgating once and for all!


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