373 In The Trenches: Re-igniting and Re-Engaging Members

373 In The Trenches: Re-igniting and Re-Engaging Members

Sheay Wheeler is the proud owner of The Function Room, a personal training studio located in Australia. Sheay is passionate about fitness and as a trainer, helping people be the best they can be is what drives his success! As a veteran to the fitness industry, Sheay has made it his focus to develop his fitness studio into more than just a place to improve your physical fitness, but a place where mental fitness is highlighted as well. We are proud to have Sheay as a Fitness Business Podcast Fanatic alumni.

Sheay and his team at The Function Room has made it their mission to get re-ignite and re-engage with former members. Listen along as Sheay gives his advice on how to get former members/clients back into your fitness studio after canceling their membership. He delivers advice on how to reconnect with past members and how to lure them back into your studio. Just because they leave, doesn’t mean they won’t be back! Give this episode a listen!

Your Podcast Snapshot

  • What is the value for re-engaging former clients
  • Ideas to reconnect with former members
  • Strategies suitable for all studios

Resources Our Expert Shared in the Show

Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris

Three Simple Things by Thom Shea

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