361 The Value Proposition for Engaging with Members Through Events with Les Mills

361 The Value Proposition for Engaging with Members Through Events with Les Mills

The Value Proposition is where Sarah Pellegrino chats with an industry supplier to find out the value they bring to their customers and the industry.  You will not only hear about the features of the product or service – which you can read on their websites or brochures – you will hear about the deep value and return of investment for you!

As our lives begin to get back to a level of normalcy and your members transition back to your clubs, it’s more important than ever to capitalize on their energy and provide them with an amazing, welcome back, group fitness experience! Learn from the experts of live events, Les Mills, on best practices when planning an event, who to include, and important marketing tips & tricks to make sure that your event is a success.


  • Mario Tarquinio – Les Mills Customer Experience Director
  • Vanesa Masser – Group Fitness Liason at Kinective Fitness Club in El Paso, TX

What You’ll Learn

Download this months’ episode of The Value Proposition to learn how to engage with members through events with Les Mills. Whether you’ve been in operation for the past year, just opening back up, or even opening a new health club business – you can gain valuable recommendations from this episode on how to plan an engaging live fitness event to help with membership sales & member engagement. With over 20,000 club partners in 120 countries, Les Mills has an incredible idea as to how use group fitness and live fitness events as a tool to enhance the member experience.  Here are three reasons to tune in:

  • You’ll learn all about the three new solutions that Les Mills has launched this past year to best support their health club partners: On Demand Affiliate Program, Live Stream Workouts, and LES MILLS On Demand.
  • We discuss how to best manage the hybrid fitness demand and provide the same amazing fitness experience in the club and at-home.
  • You will be given a full guide on planning live events as a way to engage with members as they make their way back to the facility: how much time to plan the event, how to register, which staff to engage, where to host it, to stream it or not to stream it, how to market the event & more!

Resources Our Experts Shared in the Show

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