062 Vickie Saunders – How to Connect with Sponsors and Partners to Benefit Your Fitness Business

062 Vickie Saunders – How to Connect with Sponsors and Partners to Benefit Your Fitness Business

Vickie Saunders

This week I am joined by Vickie Saunders, an athlete sponsorship expert and the owner of The Sponsorship Consultants.

Vickie is fast becoming the worlds leading expert in athlete sponsorship. She empowers individuals and organisations with the knowledge and skills to create and manage valuable, effective and sustainable sponsorship.

Her work has been commissioned by the International Olympic Committee, and her clients include the Australian Institute of Sport, Team GB, Deloitte and many individual athletes, as well as local and global companies who sponsor athletes.

During the show we talk about what a sponsorship consultant does, how you can partner with other businesses to gain sponsorship for your brand or say for an in-club challenge, plus steps to fostering relationships and building the network around your business.

Top Tips From The Show

Partnerships and sponsorships are all about mutual contribution for mutual effort.

Face to Face contact is great, over the phone or skype is ok, but email is a no no! Remember you are not asking for something, you are creating something awesome together.

Negotiation is about having a conversation where you are trying to find a common solution.

Some of the best opportunities are staring us in the face – think about what is close to you – you might be surprised what you find.

Inspirational Quotes From The Experts

“Powerful networks lead to valuable partnerships” – Vickie Saunders

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show

Vickie Saunders

Show Sponsors
Visual Fitness Planner
Active Management

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