496 Music Licensing Laws Every Fit Pro Should Know with Denise Imbesi

496 Music Licensing Laws Every Fit Pro Should Know with Denise Imbesi

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Denise Imbesi has achieved a revolutionary feat in the fitness industry – marry music and physical activity. She founded Muscle Mix Music back in 1988, providing instructors all around the world with endless mixes for their classes. Even now, 30 years later, her work remains at the heart of this union between beats and exercise. And recently, she identified more potential avenues to explore when 2020 brought about pandemic related problems regarding media access rights. This led to her forming Groove Media, which allowed even smaller brands to enter Universal’s best catalogs!

what you’ll learn

Don’t risk your fitness business success – find out the rules of music licensing and save yourself from messy penalties! To ensure you stay on top, we got industry heavyweight Denise Imbesi as our special guest to shred some light on this difficult subject. With over a decade of excellent tunes to fit pros like yourselves with Muscle Mix Music, she understands how tricky it can be to navigate these waters. Get ready for the ultimate enlightenment in making sure you stay safe when incorporating music into your online platform!


  • What is Music Licensing?
  • Biggest Challenges for Fit Pros Regarding Music Licensing
  • Music Licensing Options for Social Media and YouTube
  • Understanding Music Licensing for Group X Instructors
  • The Changing Role of Fitness Instructors
  • Understanding Music Licensing Digital Platforms
  • Obtaining a Synchronization License for Music in Video Production
  • Vibes Music App for Fitness Instructors 

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