319: How to promote diversity in your workplace

319: How to promote diversity in your workplace

A former student-athlete and a 2x Miami University graduate, Bre Robinson currently serves as the Assistant Athletic Director for Leadership & Diversity at her alma mater. In her role, Bre serves on the executive leadership team and oversees diversity, equity, and inclusion and leadership initiatives. She’s currently a doctoral candidate in the Higher Education Administration program at Bowling Green State University and will earn her PhD in May.

Champions For Life, a program at Miami University facilitated by Bre Robinson, is a living testament to the enduring power of the Miami University student-athlete experience. Miami Athletics’ alumni have gone on from the classroom and the competitive arena to apply their life lessons in leadership, teamwork, integrity and tenacity to their lives and careers. They began as Champions on game day and have gone on to becomeChampions for Life.


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  • The most common mistake, in an organization, when it comes to diversity
  • Advice for employers to create a diverse and inclusive culture
  • Questions an interviewee should ask to make sure a company is inclusive and accepting


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Jay Shetty Book: Think Like a Monk 

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