504 John Briggs: Avoiding Burnout in the Workplace

504 John Briggs: Avoiding Burnout in the Workplace


John Briggs, author and founder of InciteTax, a multi-million dollar tax firm, is a total rebel in the traditional accounting industry. He’s assembled a team of nontraditional accountants to take on the IRS [#IRSsucks] and shake things up. Showing the big 4 who’s number one.  John believes small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. He’s dedicated to giving them a New Workday Standard, with his new book The 3.3 Rule in fall 2023. John is also the author of Profit First for Microgyms.

Today on the Fitness Business podcast, you’ll feel refreshed as you learn how to prevent workplace burnout by creating a healthy environment, not only for your employees, but also for yourself. Listen along as our industry expert gives advice on how to get energized while increasing productivity.

episode Overview

In this episode of the Fitness Business podcast, host Dori Nugent interviews John Briggs about how to prevent workplace burnout. John shares his personal experience with burnout and gives practical advice on how to create a healthy work environment for yourself and your team. The conversation covers a range of topics, including the day-to-day headaches of gym owners, the damaging myth of hustling all the time, the importance of taking breaks and resetting, the benefits of paying yourself a fair wage, the role of standard operating procedures in preventing burnout, and how to prioritize tasks and manage your time effectively. John also offers advice for gym owners during the COVID-19 pandemic and shares insights from his book, “Profit First for Micro Gyms”.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to avoid workplace burnout
  • How coaches and employees can add to burnout
  • Addressing members or clients that contribute to burnout

Timestamped Chapter Summary

0:00:47            Introduction to the topic of preventing workplace burnout with guest John Briggs

0:01:30            Sponsor message from Myzone

0:02:19            Myzone’s Fitbispiration with tips to avoid burnout

0:03:29            Introduction to guest Natalie Carey and Rex Roundtables

0:03:41            Interview with John Briggs on avoiding burnout

0:04:56            John’s experience owning a CrossFit gym

0:05:18            John’s advice for preventing burnout

0:07:25            Discussion on the myth of hustling all the time and the importance of building in breaks

0:08:33            Importance of intentional breaks and attention span

0:10:11            Comparison of burnout in the fitness industry to other industries such as accounting

0:11:02            Burnout with gym owners and the importance of paying yourself

0:12:39            John’s tips for preventing burnout: efficient workday and paying yourself a marketable wage

0:15:06            Discussion on whether coaches and other employees add to or reduce burnout

0:16:09            Discussion on how personnel and team members can either add to or reduce burnout

0:17:23            The importance of company values and whether employees are doing what they’re being paid to do

0:17:44            Burnout caused by control and not delegating tasks

0:18:47            Handling burnout caused by clients/members

0:20:31            The importance of one-on-one conversations and crucial conversation principles

0:21:01            The risk of losing members who are causing burnout, even if they spend the most money

0:21:31            Importance of removing clients who cause drama and financial instability

0:22:27            Never have a single member where they’re paying you so much that if you lost them, it puts you in a really bad financial situation

0:22:36            John Briggs’ book “Profit First for Micro Gyms” and the concept of taking profit first

0:24:49            John Briggs’ experience in marrying fitness experience as a gym owner with the accountant side

0:25:52            Insight Tax’s ability to advise clients on potential hurdles when implementing changes

0:26:15            Insight Tax’s work with gym owners

0:26:21            The importance of combining saving taxes, bookkeeping, and cash flow for gym owners to stay in business

0:27:04            Outro and call to action to continue conversation with John Briggs

0:27:31            Quickfire five segment with guest Natalie Carey

0:31:23            Natalie Carey’s book “Everybody Beautiful” and Stephen King’s book “Fairy Tale”

0:32:03            Preview of Natalie Carey’s upcoming episode on exercise modification

0:33:31            Closing remarks and sponsor acknowledgments


To prevent workplace burnout, it’s important to take breaks, set boundaries, pay yourself a fair wage, have good standard operating procedures, delegate tasks, and manage your time effectively. By building a strong team and focusing on your priorities, you can create a healthy work environment for yourself and your employees. Coaches and employees can either add to or reduce burnout, so it’s important to assess their impact on your business. When handling members causing burnout, it’s important to have one-on-one conversations and address the problem delicately. Remember, you might be losing other members by not addressing the problem member. John’s accounting firm, which works with over 400 fitness professional gym owners, helps them stay in business by looking at saving taxes, doing the bookkeeping, and cash flow. Stay tuned for more episodes of the Fitness Business podcast and be sure to check out John Briggs’ book, “Profit First for Micro Gyms“.

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