317: How To Never Have A Bad Hire Again!

317: How To Never Have A Bad Hire Again!

Barry’s true passion is getting to know people on a deep level, developing trust, and ingratiating that into long term personal and business relationships. As Vice President with The Elliot Group, Barry co-leads the Strategic BD/Client partner relationships efforts. Barry is sought out for his business acumen with founders, investors, and, leadership teams across the consumer space. Committed to the lifestyle/health/wellness space, Barry spends ample time in this exciting arena.

The Elliot Group is an exclusive executive human search company. Our unparalleled network, built over thirty-five years, promises to deliver the human catalysts that positively impact futures. For 38 years, we’ve been trusted by consumer businesses of all sizes to identify and retain their next generation human capital.

Hiring staff is always a challenging task for any organization, business owner, or operator. Hiring is time consuming and then add in the pressure of finding the perfect candidate and the process can be down right exhausting. Luckily, Barry Herbst joins us today to walk us through the hiring process. In Barry’s interview, will provide tips and insight on how to get to through the process as efficient as possible.

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  • Is there ever a good time to hire staff?
  • Tips to get organized for the hiring search
  • Best practice suggestions


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