119 Fitness Business Intensive Paul Brown on Retention 3 of 4

119 Fitness Business Intensive Paul Brown on Retention 3 of 4

Known globally as Mr Retention for his groundbreaking work in member retention, exercise adherence and membership growth, Paul Brown is the creator of the Face2Face Retention Systems which are the standard operating procedure for several of the world’s most successful and prestigious health club groups with many millions of success stories to date and growing rapidly.

He is an award-winning Keynote Presenter, Consultant, Best Selling Author, successful Health Club Owner, leading business strategist, accomplished athlete and national champion in several sports and an investor in a wide range of business and property interests.

Over the 4 week series we cover the following topics:

  • Week 1:  What matters the most when it comes to Retention
  • Week 2:  Trends and Traditions
  • Week 3:  Retention in optional programs
  • week 4:   Measures of success

What you’ll learn

  • Must haves of a quality fitness business
  • How new clients can attain a level of independence

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