066 Tema Frank – The Human Connection In Customer Service

066 Tema Frank – The Human Connection In Customer Service

Tema Frank

Tema Frank is a best-selling author and has worked in customer experience, marketing, and usability testing for over three decades. In 2001 she founded Web Mystery Shoppers, the world’s first company to test omnichannel customer service: web, phone, chat, email and in-store.

Using social media techniques before social media existed, she built a database of 75,000 “mystery shoppers” worldwide. Clients have included Bank of America, Expedia, the Royal Bank of Canada, government departments, businesses and non-profits of all sizes.

Tema is an acclaimed international speaker and podcaster. Her podcast show is called the Frank Reactions podcast – and its all about customer experience.

During this show we discuss:

  • How to improve customer service in our teams
  • The importance of talking to our customers
  • Automated process versus the human element
  • And Tema leaves us with three tips on improving customer service

Top Tips From The Show

When influencing our teams customer service behaviour, start by looking at their incentive structure.

Top managers should be talking to a random sample of customers each week to find out how their customer experience is.

If your customers don’t like to fill in surveys, TALK to them instead!

Often we can improve our processes, but you need to look at it from a customers perspective.

Inspirational Quotes From The Experts

Listen to your customers! – Tema Frank

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