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A note from the host, Chantal Brodrick

Jason Stowell is a health and wellness consultant to JCCs of America. With over 24 years of experience, Jason has sold over 18,000 individual fitness agreements, making him one of the top sales performers in the health and wellness industry.

Jason went on to further develop his unique approach to the sales process by creating The Empowered Fitness Sales System delivered to fitness professionals today through various industry conferences and workshops.

Within this eBook, Jason explains the seven pillars of predictable sales success. He breaks down each pillar into three sections and they include an overview, an action and a book recommendation.   All in all there are eight book recommendations in this eBook and you will find a list of them, and their Amazon links, all at the end of the book.

This is one of my favourite Intensive shows we have ever done.  Jason is a true professional, a passionate teacher and expert in sales.  I trust you will get immense value from this eBook and I encourage you to share your learnings with your colleagues and team.  Pay forward what you learn and when you do, perhaps reach out to Jason and tell him what you enjoyed the most – you can find him on LinkedIn.

This eBook is broken into 7 Chapters

  • Pillar 1 Impressions
  • Pillar 2 Presence
  • Pillar 3 Storytelling
  • Pillar 4 Peak-End Rule
  • Pillar 5 Nudges
  • Pillar 6 Professional Rapport
  • Pillar 7 The “Ask”

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