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A note from the host, Chantal Brodrick

If you think it’s been a while between Intensive episodes, you’re very right.  As I write this, it’s August 2020 and much of the world is still coping with Covid-19 and the effect it has had on our industry and businesses.

I understand that some of you will be operating business as usual, some of you will have your facilities closed (perhaps you’re offering online services) and some of you will not be operating at all right now – but you want to set yourself up for success when the time comes to reopen the doors.

Whatever your situation, I trust you will find great tips and advice in this eBook:  The Sales Makeover That Creates Cashflow presented by expert guest, Steve Jensen.

Steve is the Founder of Impact Training Corporation, the National Sales Academy and My Mentor Coach.

He has spent over 30 years working with fitness businesses and professionals, and is highly regarded as a leader in sales, communication & behaviour skills, and public speaking. In fact, people from all around the globe have doubled and tripled their sales income as a direct result of what they’ve learned from Steve.

This eBook is in four parts:

Part 1 and 2:  What the new sales process should look like and what skills will salespeople need to adapt to this new process?

Part 3:  Business operations:

  1. a) How to complete a needs analysis
  2. b) How to tour when social distancing
  3. c) How will we price present when social distancing

Part 4:  Five actions to maximise sales

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