472 Generations in the Gym: Baby Boomers with Dr. Sarah Marion

472 Generations in the Gym: Baby Boomers with Dr. Sarah Marion

Sarah Marion leads Murphy Research’s syndicated research program. She continuously tracks nutrition and fitness studies, State of Our Health, and the World Value Index, which measures the impact of brand mission and purpose. 

As a cultural anthropologist, Marion is an expert at connecting the dots between many types of information, from academic research and ethnographic insights to everyday beliefs, behaviors, and objects.  Marion is specialized in health and wellness, food and beverage, CPG, sustainability, the natural and organic market, and shopper insights. 

what you’ll learn

In the fourth of four episodes, we unleash what each generation is looking for in a fitness facility, according to Murphy Research. Join Dr. Sarah Marion as she gives us the rundown on baby boomers. It has been fascinating to compare the generations side by side and see the difference in wants and needs . Today on the Fitness Business podcast, we dive into the fitness habits of the baby boomers. This episode will give you the information needed to ensure your marketing and programming is attractive to members of this generation. 

  • 3 Tips for Attracting Boomers Into Fitness Facilities
  • How Baby Boomers Approach Healthy Living
  • The Differences Between Male and Female Baby Boomers’ Health and Fitness Routines
  • How to Appeal to Baby Boomers in Your Marketing
  • The Different Generations of Fitness Enthusiasts
  • The Impact of Age on Fitness Motivation and Approach
  • The Impact of the Pandemic on Boomer Fitness Trends
  • The Impact of Price on the Exercise Habits of Older Adults
  • The Benefits of Exercise for Boomers

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