399 What big box gyms can learn from boutique gyms with Kory Angelin

399 What big box gyms can learn from boutique gyms with Kory Angelin

Kory Angelin is the Chief Operating Director of Volofit by Touch Mudder plus he is an author. Kory will be the first to say that it is hard to succeed in any business but specifically the fitness industry and he believes that it is not about what you sell or how you facilitate the process but more about a customer and why they would care in the first place. Kory has been preaching about how important the customer journey is in fitness for the past decade and the most important aspect to remember is that it is all about why a customer would want your product or service.

Kory joins the Fitness Business Podcast family as a first time guest and guides us on how big box gyms can learn from boutique studios and begin to incorporate some of the special touches that makes the boutique experience so unique. Keeping the culture personal and welcoming is key for retention when it comes to group fitness. Also, big box gyms should take note how boutiques use social media to engage their members and are able to generate new leads through their posts. Kory delivers unbelievable information that is so relevant and easy to transition into. Take a listen and see how many golden nuggets you can take away from his episode….I guarantee you will be amazed!

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  • Popularity uptake with boutique fitness since the pandemic
  • How boutique fitness has mastered social media
  • Lessons learned from Boutique Fitness


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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

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