208 Start Up Advice for Fitness Entrepreneurs

208 Start Up Advice for Fitness Entrepreneurs

Raj Sareen is an entrepreneur, scientist, and inventor who currently leads a fast-growing wellness technology start-up Styku. With a BS in Space Sciences, and an MS in Physics, Raj spent much of his academic career focused on learning about the physical world we live in and the universe above. His journey included stints at NASA, where he spent time working in the shuttle program, and later the astrobiology institute for the study of biomarkers. Driven by the possibility of discovering life elsewhere, Raj eventually settled as a research scientist at the California and Carnegie Planet Search lab, where he spent several years in post-grad researching extra-solar planets around other stars. Having come from a family of entrepreneurs, Raj fosters a deep desire to build innovative technology that can help further understanding of the world. Raj made a career change and joined his family’s software business, where he would discover a need for innovation in computer vision of the human form. Having gained valuable skills in imaging and sensing technologies, Raj would turn his attention from studying celestial bodies to studying human bodies, by inventing several pioneering 3D imaging systems for lifestyle businesses. Today, he finds himself fortunate in building markets for body scanners for lifestyle purposes, such as fitness, health assessment, and shopping.

What you’ll learn

  • The pre-hire process. Recruitment, interviewing, reference and background checks
  • Hiring the employee. Extending offer letters and compensation plans and key components to include on each, presenting employee handbooks at time of hire, scheduling the employee for training.
  • The employees first day, including training checklists, pre-first day tasks to set the new employee for success, tools to present on the first day, and new employee orientation content.
  • New employee training. In this section, we discuss utilization of culture carriers, weekly meetings/check-ins, ongoing support and the 90-day review.


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