154 Thomas Plummer Social Media Marketing for The Fitness Industry

154 Thomas Plummer Social Media Marketing for The Fitness Industry


During this weeks show, special guest Thomas Plummer talks about how much of your marketing budget should be allocated to social media marketing, how to use social media to market to prospects at different buying stages, how to use video to market your business and 3 tips for fitness business owners marketing on social media.

Thomas Plummer has been working in the fitness business for over 40 years. He founded the Thomas Plummer Company in 1990, which eventually became the National Fitness Business Alliance (NFBA) in 2003. The NFBA is a group of industry vendors and suppliers banded together to bring advanced business education to all fitness business owners operating anywhere in the world.

Currently, Thomas does about 20 workshops a year around the world and is in front of more than 10,000 people a year through numerous speaking engagements as a keynote speaker, event host and private consultant.

He has authored 10 books on the business of fitness, which have remained the bestselling books in the industry for over 20 years and several of the books are currently used as textbooks in numerous college programs as their source for fitness business education. He also has one of the most popular Facebook sites in the industry with over 100,000 followers where he writes about business and life on an almost daily basis.

Thomas is also the creator of the modern training gym concept in the late 1990s, which has led to a complete revolution in the fitness industry. This new gym concept represents the evolution of the industry and this new generation of gym and owner are now the most financially successful fitness businesses in the world.

Due to the over 100,000 people who attended the seminars during the past decade, coupled with the continuing popularity of his books that have sold over 250,000 copies worldwide since first being introduced in 1999, many industry experts feel that Plummer is the most influential person working in the fitness industry today.

He is perhaps best known for helping young fitness professionals understand and master the business side of the gym business and his “no nonsense” speaking style has kept him as one of the most popular speakers in the world of fitness year after year.

What you’ll learn

  • What percentage of your marketing budget should you spend on social media?

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Resources shared in the show

Book recommended by Thomas Plummer: One Hundred Thirteen Million Markets of One – How The New Economic Order Can Remake The American Economy

Training Gym examples recommended to view by Thomas Plummer

App mentioned by Ed Delahenty:   https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/iscanner-pdf-scanner-app/id1035331258?mt=8

Book recommended by Ed Delahenty Sports Leaders & Success : 55 Top Sports Leaders & How They Achieved Greatness

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