110 Chris Stevenson Keep Your Members Longer With High Net Promoter Scores

110 Chris Stevenson Keep Your Members Longer With High Net Promoter Scores

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In 2003 Chris Stevenson opened Stevenson Fitness, a 2,000 square foot gym that specialized in of private training.  In 2010, Stevenson Fitness morphed into a true phenomenon, boasting a sterling reputation and the prominence of a 7,500 square foot, full-service health club. Currently, Stevenson Fitness helps more than 2,000 achieve their fitness goals. Membership retention rates are consistently more than 70%, and more than 40% of the business revenue is generated from ancillary services. In addition, member participation in group exercise classes and small group training continues to flourish.

Stevenson Fitness thrives because of customer service. The well-trained staff, immaculate facility, and top-notch equipment promote the company’s mission statement: at Stevenson Fitness, “Everyone leaves feeling better than when they arrived.” The club’s consistently impeccable customer service was quantified by an NPS study run by IHRSA and The Retention People in 2012. Stevenson Fitness had the highest NPS in the industry (77), and is now consistently in the low 90s (at the time of the study, the average score for health clubs nationwide was 44).

With his expertise in customer service and experience, Chris shares insights into the 3 stages of their 90 day on-boarding program and he gives tips on how you can improve your Net Promoter Score.

What you’ll learn

  • How to connect with members during on boarding
  • Ways to reward members and keep them longer
  • Tips for improving your Net Promoter Score


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