360 The ONE thing every boutique studio owner needs to survive with Christa Gurka

360 The ONE thing every boutique studio owner needs to survive with Christa Gurka

Christa Gurka owns, operates and teaches at Pilates in the Grove which now serves both the Coconut Grove and South Miami communities with its two premier locations. Her studios set the benchmark in Pilates instruction and physical therapy interventions. Pilates in the Grove is also home to a comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program educating dozens of high quality instructors each year. Christa has expanded her practice to include business mentoring for female small business owners in the healthcare and wellness industry. She hopes to continue to inspire and empower other business owners to operate successful and profitable companies.

As the director of a private PT practice specializing in orthopedic physical therapy, Christa discovered and fell in love with Pilates and the remarkable benefits it has on the body and mind. In addition to her undergraduate and master’s degrees in physical therapy, she went on to receive her Pilates training through Polestar Education and is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Instructor. She continued to pursue advanced training in the areas of functional movement screening, corrective exercise, manual therapy and myofascial release techniques. Christa, who has an extensive knowledge of sports training, is certified in golf-specific physical therapy and has served as staff therapist for the PGA and LPGA. She has recently become a keynote speaker for the Pilates Method Alliance annual conference mentoring studio owners on how to grow and scale successful businesses.

Christa’s energy and passion for boutique fitness shines brightly in this episode of The Fitness Business Podcast. She delivers an important message to all studio owners about how important it is to create and build a strategic business plan. One of the key messages she delivers is how important it is to know your community and to cater to their needs. Christa also gets real and discusses the mistakes that she has made along the way to help our listens to avoid the same pitfalls. Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy the episode with Christa Gurka.

Your Podcast Snapshot

  • Why is a strategic plan important for a studio to survive
  • The steps to creating a strategic plan
  • Avoiding mistakes

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