341 How Automating Staff Training Transforms Your Business with Brittany Welk

What You’ll Learn

The inspiration behind developing systems and processes for staff training
The ROI when automating systems
Keeping staff updated on changes made to the processes

Brittany Welk is the COO of LadyStrong Fitness and a Performance Consultant for studio owners at Loud Rumor! Brittany is a Fitness Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Speaker. She specializes in helping studio owners create systems that run their business and building the teams that run those systems so owners can own a business that runs and grows without them! Brittany has been involved in the fitness and health industry since 2012.

In today’s episode Brittany talks about automating processes and getting them to the point where you, the owner or general manager, can step away from the business for a period of time and still have the business run efficiently and effectively. Brittney is a processes guru and loves to share her journey, with other fitness business owners, how she was able to get all of her information out of her head and into a systematic process.

Resources Mentioned

Loud Rumor
LadyStrong Fitness

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