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This just shows the information you shared in your show was exactly what our listeners needed and want to hear – so thank you! We are number 1 because of our guests! 


Spread the 250 Download Word


Here is a little checklist to help get the word out across the globe about the Fitness Business Podcast and that your show has been downloaded 250 times: 


  • Social media tile – we have sent you a social media button that you can share across multiple platforms.  Perhaps consider: uploading the image on to your Facebook page; Tweeting the image; changing the profile pic on LinkedIn for the next 2 weeks; or even posting it on Instagram. 
  • LinkedIn Post – you could write a post which is a summary of your interview on LinkedIn and add in the links to the show notes and iTunes. 
  • Press Release – why not tell the world your interview has now been downloaded 250 times with a press release to the industry wide publications.  If you need a list of media industry contacts or help writing a press release, come back to Chantal. 
  • Email your colleagues – we are sure you will have a group of industry people you chat with regularly, catch up at conferences with or just network with, so drop them an email with the links to your show and your news..
  • Share with your staff – you can tell your staff you have been featured on an International podcast, so share the links with them. 


One Final Favour


Could you ask TWO people you know (could be your partner or kids or staff) to hit iTunes and other than subscribing to The Fitness Business Podcast, would you ask them to write a review and give us a star rating? They can write a review for the whole podcast or just your show. It will take about 3 minutes to do and we have included the direct link in the body of the email. This helps us in our quest for search engine optimisation.



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