What Our Listeners Say

Excellent Podcast

Every podcast I have listened to has been enjoyable and relevant to my company. I also share among my managers and adds to collaboration on how to improve.
by JP Tribe from Canada on September 27, 2019

Great Resource!

The FBP is the very best source for fitness business learning on the go. Chantal is a fantastic host and brings on industry experts from around the world. If you are in the fitness business and want to succeed, make this podcast part of your routine.

by Allison Flatley from United States of America on September 18, 2019

Must listen!

Highly recommend to know what’s going on in the fitness Industry. Great training tool for anyone wanting to learn. Use the podcast to start a deep dive conversion with your team


Love this podcast!

Each podcast has valuable information and tools that can be used in any form or fashion! From owning a studio to being a part of a team at a corporate gym! Each podcast, you can take away info that will work for your situation and apply what you see suitable! I’ve have gone back and listened to podcasts that I already used and applied more info as I see fit to my situation!
Love it!
by ALTAFitness from Australia on September 18, 2019

Best Business Podcast for Fitness Industry

Love listening to Chantal and her guests, great variety of podcasts to listen too that are really relevant to our PT Studio business, thanks Chantal!

by Stable Base from Australia on September 18, 2019

Listen while you workout

A super convenient way to access some of the smartest and most innovative people in the international fitness industry. The quality of the guests and the take away tips mean I gain valuable insights and ideas every time I listen.



Love this podcast! A wealth of knowledge for anyone considering or already in the fitness industry. My favorite episodes have been related to marketing yourself and personal branding. I have recommended to people for the information who aren’t even involved with fitness for the knowledge shared here. Keep up the good work!!

by Mo Hagan from Canada on September 18, 2019

Shout Out to the Fitness Business Podcast

Thank you Chantal (and Justin) for your commitment to creating this incredible venue to, not only learning from the best in the biz, but for fostering a great community of fitness business leaders and influencers. I too, like many of your listeners, drive a lot and have turned my drive time into learning time. Proud to be a #thefitnessbusinesspodcastbassador

by Akabbott from United States of America on September 18, 2019

My #1 go-to resource for my fitness business

I found FBP by accident shortly before opening my indoor cycle and cardio studio 3 years ago. Operating in a rural area, and being the only business with this kind of model anywhere around, I didn’t have people I could chat with about concerns, ideas, etc. The FBP has been like having a mentor, I could go to anytime of the day or night. I recently went back to 1st episode to listen again, finding now that I’m at a different stage in my business, those replayed episodes are again offering valuable advice I had passed over the first listen. One of my favorite features is the yearly compilation of books FBP guests have recommended on the show. I’m slowing reading each one, starting with the ones mentioned most often. Thank you Chantel and everyone at FBP for helping my dream of owning a successful fitness business become a reality.



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