The Value Proposition Package

This bonus monthly show allows you to leverage off the success of the Fitness Business Podcast’s International audience and share how much value your product or team deliver to businesses beyond the features they can all read on your website.

Your value proposition package includes:

  • 30 minute video interview
  • You will receive the raw recording file for you to use that must be referenced as “Courtesy of The Fitness Business Podcast.”
    • Sarah will send this to you once the recording is completed.
  • Final video interview will be saved on The Fitness Business Podcast YouTube channel – 700+ subscribers
    • Diana from our team will do this.
    • Sarah will send the link to you once loaded.
  • Final audio interview will be a bonus show on the third Friday of the month and be accessed on the website forever.
    • Nothing for you to do
  • Email sent to the 1700+ show notes subscribers on the following Tuesday. You can include an optional direct response campaign in this email.
    • The show notes will point subscribers to both listening and watching the interview.
    • Please forward to [email protected] your hi-res logo, word document with the email content and any images you’d like to include in the email. A draft will be sent to you for approval before sending.
  • Social media platform promotion of the show.
    • We will have our branded content.  You can reshare ours OR you can do your version.
    • Sarah will send this to you.
  • Promotion of the interview in a normal weekly show with a link in that week’s show notes.
    • Nothing for you to do
  • Blog post promoting the podcast on the Active Management blog which is then emailed to 3000+ subscribers.
    • This duplicates the show notes information.
  • 12 month inclusion in the Active Management Supplier Directory

If you have any questions on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact the team:



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