What Is #Podtober?

#Podtober is about raising awareness of podcasts as an easy to consume, free resource that fitness professionals can access anytime anywhere. We like to think of The Fitness Business Podcast like a university on wheels!


The Fitness Business Podcast launched in June 2015 and is a true international success story.  It is the number one podcast on the planet for fitness business owners, managers and staff.  The weekly interviews with an industry or business expert are 40 minutes in length, and to date has featured 129 experts from across the world.


Last month we celebrated our Women In Fitness Month (Sept 2017)  Allison Flatley from IHRSA said “You have done an amazing job highlighting all the wonderful women in the industry this month!  Thank you for putting such great leaders front and center. Each promotional message does a spectacular job showcasing the fabulous female resources in our industry”


The team at The Fitness Business Podcast have a goal to get every fitness business owner or manager on the planet to hear the information our guests share.  As such, we have renamed October to #Podtober in an effort to raise the awareness of podcasts as a great free resource for professional development.


During #Podtober 2017 The Fitness Business Podcast has an incredible line up of guests, including Rick Caro, President of Management Vision Inc, the new Chairman of IHRSA, Derek Gallup; the 2017 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, Jessica Matthews; and the CEO of Barrys Bootcamp USA, Joey Gonzalez.


If you are already part of the #FBPFamily and you want to help us spread the podcast love, then we ask that you share your favourite 3 shows with your colleagues, manager or team mates.  Simply search for the show on the home page by guest name, then hit the ‘share’ symbol to the right of the show name, to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.


Thank you for being part of the #FBPFamily and helping us celebrate #Podtober. 

Fitness Business Podcast Family

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