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Transcription – Show 136 Frank Furness

Chantal:                               We are incredibly lucky to be joined by today’s guest. Frank, welcome and thank you so much for coming on the show.

Frank:                                   Hey, Chantal thanks so much, it’s great being back on the show again.

Chantal:                               Now our focus today is analysing your competitors online, and we’re going to a lot…I think last week you mentioned about how do we rank number one in Google, on our online searches. So tell us first and foremost… Why would you use your valuable time analysing your competitor’s online presence?

Frank:                                   Well, when you think about it now, so many of the members nowadays would go into Google and they would type in a certain search term, so if might be health and fitness club in Sidney or how to lose weight in New York and whatever’s going to come up on the first page, they’re going to start looking at and probably only the first three or four, so what you want to do is… You want to be in the first three or four. So what you’ve got to do is you got to find all of those – whatever anyone would type in…Type that into Google and see who comes up. Now these are your competitors and chances are if they are on the first page they’re going to get some of those members. What you want to do is analyse them, see how they are getting up on the first page and then use strategies to jump over them and even dominate their first page of Google.

Chantal:                               Okay, so you talk about analysing them. So let’s dive into a little bit of data around that… How do we actually go about analysing them?

Frank:                                   Okay, so what I would do, I would type in the search term and up would come a number of clubs on their first page of data. First tool I’ll use is one called SEO Quake and what that does is, that puts in an extra tool bar into the first page of Google. So as each of the clubs come up, you’ll click under it onto the SEO Quake and that takes you into what Google is seeing. It’ll analyse everything about that club, what keywords they’re using, who they’re linking too, whose linking back to them again. Brilliant too, and its free. I then use three other tools, and again the tools I’m going to give you now are…Please analyse your own club with this tool first… So it’ll tell you what’s great about your website and what needs to be fixed and then analyse all of those competitors that come up on the first page. Now again the names are a bit weird so just feel free to email me [email protected] and I’ll send you the list, but here we go. The first one is called, I don’t know where they get these names from, that sounds like a porn star.

Chantal:                               [inaudible 00:2:40]

Frank:                                   Yeah,, the second one is a bit easier,, and the third one is, soo… Those are the things that I use, not only to analyse my site but all of my competitors to see what they’re doing, who they’re linking too, what keywords they’re using, what’s great about their site and why Google is putting them up on the first page.

Chantal:                               Frank, can I get you to go back to the one…The very first one with was nibbler, what was the second word there. Can you spell that out for us?

Frank:                                   Yes, so it’s

Chantal:                               Mm-hmm. Dot com. That’s tricky. (Laughing) I’m so glad I’ve got you to spell it out. SO what I’m going to do everyone is to make your life really easy is I will look each of those, sites that Frank just mentioned, I’ll make that we include links for those in these Frank show notes. So Frank once we have gone through that process, and as you say first we’ll do it for our own site and then have a look at our competitors. Once you’ve got that information how can we actually utilise that information to impact our future marketing moves for our own business.

Frank:                                   So, what we got to do now, we seen what our competitors are doing and what we want to do is get onto that first page but also dominate the first page of Google. And yeah we use a number of social strategies, because what Google in looking now, is at social presence, how much presence have you actually got on all of the social sites. Again, I mentioned last week a little thing called COPE. Create, Ones, Publish, Everywhere. So the one thing you have to do I said last week, that every week I make one video, and I make one blog. Now the first thing you’ve got to do, is you got to become part of the Google family. Whatever you do, think Google. Now my blog is with blogger. Com and the reason why is blogger belongs to Google, any videos I do, I do with YouTube, because of course YouTube belongs to Google. And then there’s a little thing called Google Blast, which is, probably the most useless thing on the planet, except for search engine optimization.

So my strategy every week is, I do one article in blogger, and I put in a lot of the keywords there…So the keywords that are analysed from my competitors, I put all of those in. As soon as I publish the blog, I then go, and I promote it with Google Plus. I do exactly the same with a video, I publish the video, I take that link, and I promote it with Google Plus. Now if you want to see how effectively this works, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, so my main business is in the UK, that’s where my website is. Chances are, I shouldn’t come up on the first page where you are. But if you have type in sales and technology speaker, which is how I want to be found, you will see I dominate the first page of Google and when you see how I dominate it, you’ll see the first is my website, the second one incredibly powerful, which Is linked in.

Now, yes another thing I want to speak about… Everyone listening please go and optimise your linked in profile, in fact, firstly go and have a look at my linked in profile, I’ve optimised it, and copy exactly what I’ve done, just change it to what you do over there, and you’ll see how I’ve got the keywords spaced throughout their, you’ll see in my profile I’m speaking to one person not many, I haven’t written in the third person over there. So linked in probably is the second or third biggest search engine now, and when Google is scrapping it’s going to be scrapping linked in all the time. So if you’ve optimised that you’ll see that you would get on to the first page, because when you think about it. People do three kinds of searches. They do a Google search, where you want to dominate, they do a YouTube search, we’ve just spoken about the videos, or they do a linked in search. Now by doing that you dominate all three of those search engines. The next thing you’ve got to do is, once you’ve published either that article or that video, now you’ve got content there.

You can get that art everywhere, so I’ve got my article on blogger and now I use a thing called repurposing or spinning the article. I go to a site called, which is amazing, cost you anything from five bucks to get videos made, articles written, articles spinned. I use it all the time. It’s absolutely brilliant. So I go there and I get my article re-written. Once it’s re-written, I now put one original onto blogger, I put another one onto my linked in. I put another one onto my website. The video I put onto YouTube, I then put that same video onto Linked in, I put it onto my website, I put it onto Vimeo. So you can see just by having one piece of content each week. If you share that in every format that’s going out all over the internet, Google is scrapping, it’s going to pick up those keywords of yours. Like you’ll see my keywords, sales, technology, speaker, and again there’s an interesting thing.

People don’t search for Frank Furness, they have never heard of Frank Furness, but they’re going to put in that search term. So it’s going to be weight loss, Washington, some of those search terms… But you’ve got to have social presence and the big thing is you have to do it regularly. Every week do an article and do a video.

Chantal:                               Frank, I have so many questions from that answer. That was absolutely brilliant, so the first question is this, when it comes to Linked in, we actually had that at the beginning of 2017, we had John Bellamy, whose Linked In expert, he came on the show and talked about using Linked In for fitness professionals. Now you gave us the example of optimising your own Linked in profile and of course the product and service that your selling is your own speaking services, so when we are putting that in the context of someone that owns a gym fitness facility, a studio, is it still important for that person to optimise their own personal linked in page. Are there and other tips and tricks that you can share with us that we should be keeping in mind, to ensure that we are utilising Linked in to market out our fitness studio.

Frank:                                   Yeah, absolutely. So, what you’ve got to do… The first thing is you go to have your business Linked in, your club Linked In profile, which is going to be optimised and let’s just say it was health and fitness studio New York. So, you’ve got to have that all throughout there and then what you do is you got to your own personal and throughout your profile you’re going to be having, owner, health and fitness studio New York. Hi, my name is Frank Furness, I’m the owner of xyz studio’s, which is one of the best health and fitness. So, you can see what I’m doing is I’m putting a keyword throughout my personal and my other profile. So if somebody comes to Linked In and they type in health and fitness studio in New York. They’re not only going to pick up my club, they’re also going to pick up my personal profile plus Google is going to be picking up on both of those.

Chantal:                               Fascinating, that is absolutely fascinating. Thank you so much for diving into that. Now the other question that I have, was in regards to, which I’m a huge fan of Fiverr and we have talked about it on the show before. I’m really interested to know cause you say that you hop your blog article into Fiverr and you get it re-written. Can you talk me through that a little more, because one of the challenges I think so many fitness owners and fitness professionals face is a time, being time poor and trying to do a lot and I love this idea of really capitalising on repurposing our content into multiple different formats; and I think one of the other challenges we have is it’s not always easy to take out our thoughts and ideas and our knowledge and turn them into a written article. So the idea around re-writing a blog poster, I think is fantastic, so can you give me a bit of an example of what that looks like from the original blog? How does someone re-write it, is it re-jigging, is it a bullet-pointing, how does that look?

Frank:                                   Well what happens with Google, Google only recognises the first and original article. So, if you’re going to post that same article on all of the other sites, you’re not going to get and bonus points for that. What you want to do is have it spun or re-purposed and somebody on Fiverr, you’ll get the experts there or four highly rated people, they will take that… One of my articles and I got a hundred different re-writes coming back again. Now what I do is I take each of those re-writes, because they’re all fifty percent different. So Google will see each of those as new content and optimise them for me. I give each of those a different heading then and I put them onto a different social media platform, so that way I’m getting the most out of one article or one piece of information.

The other thing as I’ve said is every week, I’ll do one video and I’ll do one article. Now you’re an owner of a business, of a club, you’re going to come in every Monday morning and you’re going to be so busy. You going to say I’m going to get around to it and it’s not going to happen. What I recommend to you is take one day a month and you or maybe you and your team just set a day aside, just for creating content. So that’s what I’ll do, I just flew back from Dubai yesterday, I… fifteen and a half hours and that was my content creation time. So I wrote a number of articles and got enough articles now for the next two or three months. What I’m doing later on this week, at my home in Orland, I’ve turned my garage into a green screen form studio and I will go in and I will make a number of videos. So when I was a [inaudible 00:12:59], in one day I made one hundred and fifty-five videos, now remember

Chantal:                               Laughing… That’s it

Frank:                                   It’s videos, I need two minutes long.

Chantal:                               Wow

Frank:                                   Now the preparation time is three weeks for that one day. So I would have had all of the all of the audio cues and the post production of putting it all together will be another month after that. But the actual forming was just there, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I had rows of clothes there, I had different gear I was putting on, I kept changing jackets, shirts, I always looked like I was in new place, but I produced all of my content, otherwise, if I got to come in on Monday and say I got to produce some content I’m always going to be busy.

Chantal:                               That is such a great tip Frank. Thank you so much for sharing that, and I want to share my own little tip of something that we do to re-purpose content because our regular listens know we started off only as an audio platform. We then started getting videos made out of the audio files and most recently we’ve started transcribing our audio files and there is a fantastic website that I use, which is called, which is R,E,V dot com, which takes our podcast, our audio file and turns it into a written file, which we then post as a transcription in our show notes page. So, there’s a little tip, if anyone loves doing audio or prefers to kind of tell their story on audio, you can always get that transcribed and written out and then of course, using Frank’s tip to re-purpose it using Fiverr. So, one last thing, while I’ve got you Frank and that is, I’m hoping you can share with us, a couple of tips when it comes to positioning our own online presence.

Frank:                                   Okay. If I can go back just one step there Chantal, what you just said about REV, REV is brilliant, if you’ve got videos use REV as well, because what it will do, it will go and it’ll transcribe that, and you can then put that into your video and as people are watching the talking on the video, they’ll see the writing underneath to reinforce it as well.

Chantal:                               Ahhh, fantastic great tip, thank you. Okay, we’re going to hear from Frank again in just a moment, but first here’s message from one of our podcast partners.

Podcast Partner:              We’d like to thank our sponsor One Fit Stop for their support and we highly recommend all fitness professionals go to, to find out how their software will enable you to take control of day to day management in your fitness business. One fit stop scheduling, client management, programming and payment collection tools will set your business up for success.

Chantal:                               Now let’s get back to Frank, where he’s sharing tips for positioning our own online presence.

Frank:                                   Okay, so, final question is some fitsperation, so three tips over there. The first thing is know your audience. Now depending on the kind of club you have, your audience might be different or you might have different kinds of audiences. You might have hard core young guys coming, and they’re just body building, you might have a social audience, that comes in there and they just want to meet and have coffee and you might even have an older audience; if I take an example of the club that I belong to in London, David Lloyd, it is more a tennis club than anything else.

So we have thousands of tennis members, we have a huge older population, for them its social and then we have the younger that go into the gym and workout. Now you can’t have one social strategy that suits all of them, because their all want different kinds of things, so what I’d suggest is, that if you had a club like that you’re going to have three different social strategies, for each of those members, so the first thing is find out who is your audience, who are the people that actually come to your club. The second thing is find out where do they hang out, actually ask them, when they’re signing up to join your club, say to them what social media platforms are you on? What kind of content would you like from us? What you can then also do is, in your monthly newsletter is just say to them, listen we’re updating everything. What are your favourite social media platform’s? What can we do for you, because what happens is most clubs give all of their members content that they think their members want, and often the members are saying actually I’m not really interested in that.

Always ask your audience, ask your members what they want, and they’ll say to you listen, I want more Facebook and on Facebook I want videos, I want the videos not to be longer than two minutes, I want training tips, I want weight loss tips, they’ll tell you. Now you put content together that is actually going to suit your audience and once you’ve got all of that information. You’ve now only get yourselves a marketing plan together and you optimise getting all of the product and information to them, that way what you’re going to do first, is you’re going to attract new members, but more importantly with all of that great content, you’re going to keep, you’re going to retain all of the members you already have, Which is one of the biggest challenges for most clubs.

Chantal:                               That is great advice Frank, thank you so, so much for that. I want to just thank you for your time today. Thank you for coming on and diving into the world of learning more about our competitors, how to look for competitors, for sharing those great websites with us and as I mentioned right at the very beginning of the interview. I’m going to go and do a little bit of background work and grab all of those links for our listeners, so that as soon as you go to the show notes today, they will be there for you and you get to action some of that great advice that Frank has given us today. So Frank thank you so much for joining us on the Fitness Business Podcast.

Frank:                                   Thanks so much and again if anyone just please take a look at my website, if you’ve got any questions drop me a line, [email protected] Chantal thanks so much for having me on the show.

Chantal:                               Absolutely my pleasure Frank.

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