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Transcription – Jason Hsiao Show 168

Chantal:               Hey Jason. Welcome back to part four of our video marketing series.

Jason:                   Hi Chantal. I can’t believe we’re already on part four. I’m so excited.

Chantal:               I know. I know. You know what? I am so excited about this series. I think that the first three episodes that we’ve recorded are so valuable for fitness professionals. I’m super excited to get this out. This week we are talking about how to create rather, great videos on a low budget. Talk us through it.

Jason:                   What I love about this topic is, the things that we’re going to be talking about are very, very practical pieces of advice. Very tactical. You can go out and you can really start experimenting with any single one of these. What I’ve done, as I’ve done in all my sessions to make this very palatable for everyone here is, I’ve broken this down into five tips.

Chantal:               Five?

Jason:                   Five tips that I want to share with you.

Chantal:               Great. Let’s run through them.

Jason:                   Let’s run through this. Number one is, I think it’s always a great idea, if you’re trying to figure out where to start is, start with what you have. Start with, specifically, start with the images that you already have, that are kind of part of you where, that are part of your social profile or part of your marketing. Specifically, think about some of those great photos or images that you already have on Facebook, or on Instagram, or on your website, or on Yelp, or wherever you market your business and whatever works for you. Or maybe there is a collection of great photos that you already have on your phone. This is a fantastic place to start, because as we mentioned in the last programme, you have the advantage of just great visuals, and so tart with those. You don’t even have to go record anything, just start with those and you can make videos with those images.

Chantal:               So, what you’re saying is, that we’re talking about still images?

Jason:                   Still images, yep the photos that you have. I mean if you have video clips, but the easiest place to start, and I think what almost everyone out there probably has, you already have great photos on Facebook, on Instagram, on your website, so start with those.

Chantal:               Okay, so that’s tip number one. Let’s go to tip number two.

Jason:                   Okay, so tip number two is, you really don’t need any fancy equipment. So, I was actually chatting the other day with Jabari Beaten. He is a personal trainer out in New Jersey here. And his company, he calls Unbeaten Bodies, and he had a bunch of great videos that he was showing us. In fact, we’ll try to put a link to this in the show notes here, but all he used is his iPhone. He has an iPhone 7, it’s not even the latest and greatest. An iPhone 7, and what he did is, he put together four videos. He shot them all with an existing client during one session, and he walked through his teaching and showing examples of what he does. He did a leg versus an arm programme, and then he did a long and short version of each, it was really great. And what’s great is, it was just an iPhone.

So literally, you don’t even need to go out and buy any equipment. The phone that you have in your pocket, is literally just as good if not better than most cameras out there on the market. So you can just start with, the phone that you have in your pocket.

Chantal:               Yep, yep so low cost, you don’t need to go out and purchase anything different. You can actually utilise your own phone, and I think it’s important to just remind everyone, that we’re talking about videos that you can use on your social media pages. You can use on a YouTube channel, send out to clients, and that type of thing. I still think, and I’d love your opinion on this Jason, I still think there’s another category of video, which is your professionally shot video which might be a, must it on the home page of your website, and could potentially be, kind of the bells and whistles version of, here’s what my business is all about. So you can have that, and you can put that in one category. But what we’re talking about is, content creation, volume, we’re talking about large volume, and consistency in that creation. Do you agree with that, there’s kind of two?

Jason:                   Exactly. Probably the number one question that I get asked, is just like, so I know video is important. Where do I get started? And obviously, you know those videos that you put on your home page, or other important places, those are your really very important videos that, that not only will most people see, but probably have much more kind of a shelf life. So it’s important that you invest and make those great, but that’s not necessarily where I would start. Just a great way to just get started with videos is, or videos on social, just start putting in the time of just getting different videos out there, and you’re gonna get comfortable with it really quickly, and that’s a great place to start.

Chantal:               Great, love that. Okay, two down, three to go.

Jason:                   Okay, so number three here is, think about the action that you want your viewer to take, right? So the reason why this is important, in terms of thinking about low budget or cost is, you’re not just putting videos out there for videos’ sake. What you want is, you actually want your viewers to do something, and really they won’t necessarily know unless you tell them. So perhaps after creating some videos like Jabari did, showing some of his examples of his workouts, or his programmes, you want to send them to a specific place, I don’t know, maybe your website or your URL page, and say, “To learn more, go here.”

And something specific that I like to suggest is you not only put that, we call it call to action. You not only put that call to action at the end of your video, but also make sure that you put it in your video description. So if you’re posting it on Instagram or on Facebook, there’s always a place that you can add a sentence or two about the video. So make sure you put it in there, and the reason that’s important is because, as we talked about in one of the previous sessions, you have to expect that not everyone is gonna make it to end of your video. In fact, you should just assume that half the people are gonna be gone by the time half your video is gone.

So, not everyone’s gonna make it to the end of your video, so put that call of action into the description. What do you want people to do? You want them to give you a call, do you want them to sign up for a consultation, do you want them to go to your website, do you just want them to sign up for your newsletter? Whatever it is, make sure that you’re specific.

Chantal:               Yep, that’s a great tip.

Jason:                   Tip number four that I have for you guys, is to use Facebook ads manager. And Facebook ads, so as you know, and Facebook owns both Facebook and Instagram, so that ad manager covers both. And the reason why I mention this in terms of how to create great videos on a low budget is, what you wanna do is make sure that your video is, getting to the right people, and at the end of the day, that is gonna make all the difference in the world in making sure your video is effective, or cost effective.

What here, is important here, is relevance. So I mentioned that I had a chance to chat with a personal trainer, Jabari, so what he did with those videos, he actually spent $200, and what Facebook allows you to do is get really specific with who you wanna target to see that video. So he targeted individuals within a two mile radius of his gym, and then he did other things to really narrow the targeting. So he looked for, you can do things like, under purchase behaviour, anything with gyms, fitness clubs, or equipment. That interest in, say health magazines, or interest in physical fitness. They have all of this in there. And it really goes a long way, because you know that the people who are seeing your video are gonna be interested in your content, and your role.

I had a chance to chat with a couple other owners of a business called Pure Barre, Red Bank. It’s a local fitness studio, and the owners are Melanie and Molly, and we’ll post some of their videos too. Links to their videos, but they did something similar where, they wanted just to create a video for prospects to really kind of capture what that experience is of their studio, without having to actually step foot in the studio first. To really give them a sense of what it’s like to be part of their studio, and so they spent $250 on this video, and got super targeted with who that want to see it, very similar kind of process to Jabari. And they got, in just a few weeks, they got 14,000 views on Facebook, 8,000 views on Instagram, and they got something like 240 likes, comments, shares. So this was just super successful.

With a little bit of money, they could get really targeted with who’s seeing it, and that relevance is what makes your video go a long way, versus where we kind of say, post and pray. Where you just post and pray, like on YouTube and anyone can see it, but 99% of them really aren’t gonna care about what you have to say in your video, but if you are sure that most of the people watching your video actually care about what you have to talk about, it’s gonna make your video go that much farther.

Chantal:               Yeah, it’s pretty amazing how specific you can be on Facebook now, and anyone is interested in finding out more how to actually go about your Facebook advertising and Facebook retargeting, make sure you tune into the episode that I recorded with social media strategist Amanda Bond, because we dive into a lot of detail in that area, and the sort of strategy around how you can actually go into retargeting and Facebook marketing, Facebook advertising, so absolutely love that tip Jason. So that must lead us to number five.

Jason:                   Yep, number five, and this is perhaps of anything and everything in all the sessions that we recorded here, this is probably the most important. And it’s probably also the most intuitive. Which is, just remember, and we’ve probably mentioned this a few times in previous episodes, just remember, thumb stopping. This is what Mark Zuckerberg says in terms of capturing people’s attention in those first few seconds. That is the most important thing you can do to make sure. It doesn’t matter how great your video is, if you just make sure those first few seconds are thumb stopping, are really gonna grab the attention of your community, your audience, then your video will really stand out.

And so the reason why I include this in, How to Create Videos On a Low Budget, is you can spend all the time in the world shooting great content, great photos, or getting people on camera, but if you can’t hook people in that first few seconds, then it’s gonna, you’re gonna be wasting your efforts, because your video won’t be as effective as it could be once you put it out there. So just remember those first few seconds really count. And if you remember that, that’s literally half the battle of all of these best practises, and tip, and tricks that we’ve been giving you, so.

Chantal:               Jason, I am just so excited to get this out to everyone, because I love what we’ve talked about over the past four episodes, so I just wanna recap quickly. So we started off talking about why use video, and how to get started, and then we talked about the common mistakes to avoid when creating videos. We chatted about some ways to make your videos cut through, and of course this week we talked about how to create great videos on a low budget.

So I wanna say, thank you so much for joining us, and for sharing your expertise with all of the FBP family. Are there any last minute pieces of advice that you wanna leave us with today?

Jason:                   You know I just wanna remind you all, that again US fitness professionals have a huge unfair advantage, so make sure you embrace that. And really just like anything else in fitness, you might find you have, when you’re getting into video here, you might find you have some talent, you might not. But at the end of the day, it’s really the most important thing is about, what you put into it. So nothing substitutes the effort and just doing it, and like with any exercise routine workout programme, you’re gonna get better and better with each and every video you make. When I’m at the gym or when I go running, I’m always thinking about, okay, now what is it that is maybe holding me back or that I’m not doing, is it the strength of the cardio, or the mental fortitude? And with video, it might be something like, is it your creativity, is it your time, is it taking nice photos or video clips?

But, if you really focus on video like you do anything in fitness, you just need to have the commitment, the discipline, and the belief in yourself, that you can be awesome in video. And you know all these things, commitment, discipline, belief is yourself, these are things that fitness professionals excel at. So I have full confidence that all of you listening are gonna make amazing videos, and I can’t wait to see what you guys make.

Chantal:               That is sensational, now Jason, right at the very first episode, you left us at the end of that episode with a really special offer, from Animoto for the listeners of The Fitness Business Podcast. Do you wanna remind us all about what that offer was?

Jason:                   Yeah, so Animoto, which is the company that I am part of, we are a simple drag and drop tool, to help you create great videos for social media. And because we wanna encourage you guys, to just start going out there and making your videos, we have set up a special promo code just for this audience. It’s fitness biz, and there’ll be a link to it, we’ll put a link to it in the show notes, and that will give you 15% off a new subscription. But there’s also a free trial so you can just go in and start making videos, and at the end of the day, that’s all we want you to do, is just start making videos. I have full confidence that if you start using Animoto, if you start getting into video, you guys are gonna make amazing videos for social, and it really is easy.

Chantal:               Brilliant. Thank you so much for that offer Jason, and thank you once again for joining us for the video marketing series for fitness professionals.

Jason:                   You are welcome. I had such a great time.

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