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Transcription – Jason Hsiao Show 166

Chantal:               Hey, Jason. Welcome back to Part 3 of our video marketing series for fitness professionals.

Jason:                   Hi, Chantal, happy to be back.

Chantal:               Really excited to have you back. Now last time we talked about the common mistakes to avoid when creating videos. This time we’re going to be talking about some ways to make your video cut through. How do we that?

Jason:                   Yes. This is where, I think, we have some unique opportunities to really take advantage of where fitness professionals have an unfair advantage. You may remember from Part 1 I touched on this very, very briefly, but I really think it’s worth spending a whole section here now because this is what’s going to really help you stand out from all the other stuff that people are seeing on social. If you remember, I talked about how fitness professionals really have an unfair advantage, and we have to figure out to take advantage of that. Fitness is inspirational, it’s aspirational. There’s methods, philosophies, expertise, training wisdom. It’s visually interesting. It’s a lifestyle that’s so much more than just the exercise programmes, or the specific things you do at that gym or the studio.

When you think about all the other products and services from real estate, law, accounting, insurance, fitness professionals have such a huge unfair advantage, so we need to make sure we’re taking advantage of that. What I want to do in this episode is break it down into a few specific things that you can really think about that are very, very specific to fitness, so I have five things.

Chantal:               Love the sound of that. I love your lists. I love [inaudible 00:01:41].

Jason:                   I want to make sure everything is digestable and actionable and that there’s nothing lost here.

Chantal:               That’s great. Talk us through the five things.

Jason:                   The first thing is think about the people that you have at your disposal that you can include in your video. There are always those people either in your company, or your studio, or your business, or your gym, those people with a crazy, infectious or a vibe or a personality. Those people are just magnetic not just for environment, but they often translate very well into video. Obviously, in the fitness profession you have access to all sorts of great personalities. Think about those people with amazing personalities including yourself. How can you get them to do something with you or for you on video? Who are the amazingly good looking people you work with? Again, that’s an unfair advantage you have compared to that accounting firm down the street. I keep picking on accounting. I’m sure my accountant is going to hear this and get angry at me.

Chantal:               [crosstalk 00:02:52]

Jason:                   It really is such an advantage, and we know video is a visual medium, so work with what you got. If you are a gym owner or a studio owner, who are the instructors you work with? We mentioned this in our past episode. Who are your super customers, your super fans? The reason why they are important is because not only will their testimonial or their statements about you or your business be super genuine, but often these people also have their own networks, online networks themselves. You would love to be able to leverage their own popularities. Who are the people you learn from? Are there specific people at your gym or mentors that you have that you can bring into the fold and share with others in terms of content?

Then the last one I love is who are the people that are just part of your crew, your tribe? I often say that your personal brand is defined in large part by the company you keep, and because particularly in fitness your personal brand is often both a big differentiator from others, but also it’s a big part of a prospects consideration process. Show that off. Show off who you are in more ways than one. That whole first thing is all about the people. That is a huge, unfair advantage that fitness professionals have, all the wonderful, amazing, interesting people that you have in and around you.

Chantal:               That’s it. That is a fantastic one, and I love all the examples you gave because as you were talking through, you know, like those people that are those shining lights or our ambassadors within our clubs. All of a sudden images of different people were popping into my mind. Hopefully, as all of our FBP family are listening to this, the same thing is happening to you and perhaps it’s a great idea, if you don’t currently, to grab a pen and paper and start scribbling down some names of the people that really jump out to you as potential people that you can have in your video. Love it. That was number one. Let’s move on to number two.

Jason:                   Two, continuing on this theme of really inviting your community into your world. Another unfair advantage is that in fitness there is always some type of particular method, or methodology, or philosophy that’s really guiding how you do things, and that’s probably different from how other people do things. This is also not only super interesting, but very central to a person’s consideration process. They want to know how you think of the world, how you think of fitness. How you think of health really jives with the person who’s watching.

When you think about your videos think about how might you explain your perspective, your philosophy, your method in a compelling way? How might you show that community around you what it means to work with you, to work alongside of you, to be part of your environment? That’s very unique to fitness. Again, my poor accountant. People don’t go up to my accountant and be like, “Tell me about your accounting philosophy and how that might …” Even in hospitality, or a bakery, or anything else, people aren’t usually interesting in that method or that philosophy, but this is really unique to fitness. Really find a way to show that off in a compelling way.

Chantal:               To bring some examples into that particular one, tell me if I’m on track with this. I’m thinking let’s say for example you, I’m going to come out with the obvious, you follow a paleo philosophy around food, or you might have a certain philosophy around the training that you do. Perhaps you’re very focused on a weight-based training system. You’re saying that you as the business owner or as the fitness professional want to be able to capture how you actually incorporate that into your lifestyle or with your clients, so that people see the application of those things in a real life sense. Is that correct?

Jason:                   Exactly. As we talked about before, fitness is a lifestyle brand. It doesn’t have to be specific to your method, your philosophy of the specific exercise programme or training. It can also be about how you choose to run your business or how you choose to live your life if that is important to you. For example, several of my friends feel very strongly about their vegan lifestyle. I know that if there was a trainer or a gym whose owner really supported that as a lifestyle, that they would immediately be gravitated to that. I met someone else who runs her business where it’s very important to her to serve underprivileged communities. Actually, a friend of my wife’s is really focused on, in her bar studio, serving women. She feels very strongly about women empowerment and women in the workforce and women equal rights. All of those are part of your personal brand and, I think, are ways that you can really stand out from everything out there.

Chantal:               [inaudible 00:08:32] Two down, three to go.

Jason:                   Number three, show, don’t tell. As I mentioned in the opening comments that fitness, it’s a visual industry, that the exercise programmes, the studio, the gym, the people, everything about it is just visual. Take advantage of that. If it’s not already obvious in your feed, the things that you stop to look at are often things that are visually striking, and fitness professionals have that unfair advantage of having lots of great visuals to work with. That might be actually showing some specific equipment or clothing or people or an actual parts of an exercise programme. It could be any of those. Just think, what is that visual component of what you do that might really capture someone’s attention?

Chantal:               Great one.

Jason:                   Great. Number four is think about your personal brand or the brand of your company in more than just you and your personality. Think about all the different aspects of what’s included in the video and how all of those elements might be able to augment your brand. Let me get specific here. We talked about people, but where you shoot your video, the location or the imagery that you use to include in your video … If you’re using, for example, stock photos or certain parts because you’re just trying to show some quotes or something, what are those images you’re showing? What is the text that you’re using? What is the font that you’re using? What is the music that you’re using in your video? What are the colours that you are using? What is the content that you are really trying to explain? The people, the location, the imagery, the text, the music, the colours, the content, everything in your video all come together to represent your brand. Really be mindful of all those different things because they really represent who you’re trying to be.

Chantal:               I’ve got to jump in, Jason, because this one is huge to me. That’s probably my marketing background shining through, and that is not only in these videos that you’re creating, but that brand consistency, which is what you’re talking about has to be throughout everything that you do. It has to be throughout your website, and all of the marketing collateral that you produce, and your videos, and as you say, the fonts that you use in any printed material, or any online material that you do. I always feel disappointed when I see a brand that’s got a really strong online presence, or a great website, or a great Facebook page. Perhaps they have that for a three month period of launch, but all of a sudden they take their focus off that brand consistency, and they start changing their font, so their colours. All of a sudden you lose the connection that they’ve built over that period of time. I can’t agree with you enough as to how important it is that you have all of those elements consistent through all of your messaging.

Jason:                   Exactly.

Chantal:               Great one. Now was that four?

Jason:                   That was number four. The last one here, and this is a super fun one to think about, which is unfair advantage number five. It fitness you have all sorts of ways to try to engage with you on social. Let me explain what I mean here. Because fitness is not just about the fitness, it really is about a lifestyle, there’s so many different dimensions to fitness that people love talking about. My tip number five here is about thinking how to get people to engage with you based on what you’re showing or asking them in your video.

Specifically, I think it’s great to try to ask questions or start a discussion. I’ll throw out some ideas. Maybe you ask your community, do you prefer working out in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and why? I know that some of my colleagues here, we had that discussion the other day. It was really interesting. What’s your favourite exercise and why, or your least favourite? What’s one piece of advice that you’ve gotten that’s changed your life? It may be something that’s not necessarily a question, but post a side by side photo, two different photos of you in different workout outfits, or using two different pieces of equipment and ask people, which one, A or B? People love those type of engagements online, even the simplest question.

I remember in our community the other day. Someone in our community just posted, “Hey, where is everyone here from?” I kid you not, there was five times many more comments for that question than there was any of our other videos or posts. People really love to engage [inaudible 00:13:15]. As long as you keep it relatively simple, especially anything that’s like A or B, what do you think? People love engaging in stuff like that.

Chantal:               I personally tend to find that when the question that’s on a social media page is short and my answer can be yes, or no, or black, or white, or red, or blue, or whatever it is, it’s like a quick hit, then I’m personally more inclined to answer those questions as opposed to if it is a longer winded question that requires more time from the viewer to actually answer that question.

Jason:                   One other really important thing about this is it turns out that Facebook has been tweaking their algorithm for what they choose to show in the news feed or what to choose to get more weight. They’ve actually come out and recently and said that they are putting more emphasis on content that is engaging because they really want to prioritise content that is valuable. For them, when they see that people are engaging with content, that’s a huge indication to them that that content is valuable to viewers. It’s not only interesting, but it’s going to help you get seen more on Facebook.

Chantal:               The other thing I love about the idea of putting up questions is that you can learn stuff about your audience.

Jason:                   Absolutely.

Chantal:               You can utilise that stuff for either maybe later video content, or a great one is when you’re asking people about what they want to know more about. Do you want to know about the latest technique around squats or something like that? You can actually gauge a bit of a feeling from your audience and from your communities to what they want to know more about, which can help you later on. Cool. Okay, Jason, that’s all of our five. Do you have homework for us in this episode?

Jason:                   I do. All this should be very predictable. At the end of all of these sessions I’m asking you to make a video based on what we learned. Here, the theme of all of this has been how we can help you cut through the noise to really stand out on social media? The whole premise here is that fitness professionals have an unfair advantage, so take advantage of all these different things that you have at your disposable, everything that we talked about from the people, to your brand, to being able to show things, to talking about your methodology or philosophy and getting people engaged with you. All of these things are things you will be able to uniquely do that will really get your community to love you.

Chantal:               Excellent. They need to go away and create a video this week.

Jason:                   Yes.

Chantal:               Excellent. Jason, thank you so much. I’m really looking forward to chatting to you for Part 4 of our video marketing series. We’re going to be talking about how to create great videos on a low budget. I’m looking forward to that. Thank you for joining us again, Jason.

Jason:                   Thanks.

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