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Transcription – Jason Hsiao Show 162

Chantal:               Hey, Jason. Thank you so much for joining me today.

Jason:                   Hi, Chantal. Thanks for having me on your show.

Chantal:               Now, you are here today to chat about video marketing for fitness professionals, so let’s start right at the very beginning. Why should we be using video?

Jason:                   Okay, well, it should be no surprise to everyone that video is literally, everywhere, if that’s not obvious. I think what’s exciting is, it’s really, actually still just getting started. Video is still growing, and there’s all sorts of amazing stats and studies, and I mean, literally, we could spend hours going through them.

A couple of my favourites are, four times as many consumers prefer to watch a video about a product or service than to read about it, and maybe even more compelling, after watching a video, 64% of people say they’re more likely to take out their wallet and make a purchase decision. So, but really, a punchline I think, of all of these stats, all of these quotes, all of these studies, is that video has kind of really emerged as the most compelling and effective way to reach your audience. I think the punchline for us, as businesses, is that means that it’s kind of, the own-ness is on us to make sure we are delivering our message and our content in the way that our audience prefers, and that is video.

Chantal:               You know, it was only in February of 2018, Jason, that of course Facebook came out really pushing us to use Facebook Live in particular, but video in general. So, that’s why we thought it was so perfect to get you on and chat about this topic. So, lets sort of dive into a little bit more detail when it comes to video. Do you want to talk us through some, I guess, measurements around video? Is there a particular length that we should be looking to record, and perhaps you can step us through how to actually get started?

Jason:                   Okay. Well, let me first start by saying is that part of why I’m just super excited to be talking to you and your audience is, fitness professionals have to realise that they have a huge unfair advantage when I just think about the multiple dimensions that you have to work with, so let me just go through some of them.

First of all, probably more than most other industries, it’s inspirational, it’s aspirational. There’s just so much to share in terms of everything from, you know, method, philosophy, expertise training, wisdom, and if you think about it too, it’s really a lifestyle industry. Compared to other products and services like real estate, law, accounting, insurance, people don’t care about the lifestyle of those businesses, but when you think about the fitness industry, it really encapsulates so much more than just say, the exercise or the workout.

You have so much visually, kind of, compelling and interesting content to work with. You have so many great personalities, you know, between trainers or between clients, or the gym that you’re at, just very visually captivating. Probably more than most types of businesses, you just have not only great personalities, but great looking people. So, all of those are really just kind of unfair advantages that you get to work with, than say, your neighbourhood accountant whose trying to standout on social media.

So, I think I’ll actually feel very empowering. For those of you who haven’t yet gotten started with video, just know that you already kind of have the wind behind your sails, and you have a lot of great things to work with.

I think that in terms of the number one question that most people have right now is, how do I get started? Like, I see all this video online. I just have no idea where to even get started. So, that’s really where we kind of want to start the discussion. I think a lot of the questions you had are good ones. Usually where I like to start is asking people, what … Actually, I have a few questions. I’m gonna skip to the punchline at the end of this session is, there’s gonna be some homework. This will all make sense in these questions I’m about to ask, but what we’re gonna want you to do to make this really practical, because I feel like with these type of podcasts, there’s nothing worse than people who are just talking the talk. What I really care about is that what I have to share, what we have to share, can really be put to use and that you find valuable, and practise, in your business.

So, we’re going to ask you to come up with 20 video topics. 20 topics that you can create videos for, about your business. You may just freak out about that number, you know, 20 videos? I don’t even know where to start with one. But, I’m gonna ask you a bunch of questions that I think will start steering you in the right direction.

So, I have six questions. The first is, number one: What already works for you? So, in any of your businesses, whether you are a trainer or a gym owner, any kind of fitness professional, you know that in the marketing of your business, there are already lots of different things that work for you. You know, a message or a certain content, or certain taglines. Whatever it is that currently works for you, I think it’s important to think of video as an opportunity to amplify what already works. So, when you look at everything else that you’re currently doing, what is it? What are the specific things that work for you?

One of the reasons why people feel so daunted about getting started with video is they think of it as this whole new type of marketing. It’s like, you’re telling me I had to learn e-mail and blog and this and that, now you’re telling me have to learn video? Well, I think the easiest way to think about video is it’s not a whole new type of marketing. It’s an opportunity to really amplify what already works within your marketing strategy.

So that’s, to me, question number one, is really just kind of start with what works for you.

The second question that I feel like often helps kind of guide people to make this very tangible is, what would you tell a new client or a prospect, what makes you different, or why they should be a client of yours? If you think about what you would say to someone if you bumped into them on the street, or they came to a trail session with you, or came to visit your gym, what is it that you would tell that person? It relates a little bit to what already works for you, but if you think about those specific things that you are trying to position yourselves in your local or your area, versus other trainers or other gyms, what are those points of differentiation that really make you stand out? That make you unique? That make you someone that people should choose over other people? You should really kind of capture those messages and think about how you can turn those into video.

Chantal:               Right. So, in that case, it might be … Your unique selling point, it might be that you are a specialist trainer for postnatal mums, or perhaps, it’s that you have a piece of equipment in your facility that nobody else in your local area has.

Jason:                   Exactly, yep. All those different messages, you know, there’s a number of different variety of these points of differentiation, really … You know, and if you haven’t done this, you should really focus on, what are those points of differentiation? That makes for great, kind of, father for video.

Chantal:               Great. So, that’s two. Let’s go with question number three.

Jason:                   Alright. So, three of six, here. So, another kind of great question is, what can you educate your audience about? So a video is not just about sell, sell, sell. In fact, a lot of it, I think, should be about just making sure you’re producing content that is engaging and that’s relevant to your audience. I think … I alluded to this in the beginning of our session, but fitness professionals have a completely unfair advantage because it’s not just about the training. I mean, even just the training in and of itself, there’s probably all sorts of different types of videos that you could create, but if you think about fitness as a lifestyle, and think about the opinions or perspectives you have on everything from clothes to equipment to diet to philosophy to method to, just, anything and everything that really kind of encapsulates the lifestyle of fitness professionals or the fitness world, all of that is interesting to your audience.

The question, what can you educate your audience about? Really, even within that, there should be no shortage of ideas for you.

Chantal:               Great. Well, my mind is going crazy right now with all the possible content that we can create. I like your questions, Jason. Okay, what’s question number four?

Jason:                   Alright. So question number four, think about your clients or your fans. We like referring them as super fans. What are the types of videos that your super fans, you think they would really love to share and to endorse? This could include actually featuring some of your super fans, or just topics or content that you know that they would enjoy, or could really embrace. The why behind that, the rationale is, we often hear that nothing develops that sense of trust in a brand more than when you hear from other customers or other clients. So, when you have the chance to hear another customer or client talk about your business, it’s kind of infectious when you hear their success stories, or why they love your business, or love you as a trainer, or love your gym.

The other thing is, oftentimes, more often than not, these super fans are also the ones that are very active and vocal on social media. When they can really embrace a piece of content, or even something with themselves, they will also go to work and promote that piece of content for you. So really, your community is also an opportunity to amplify your videos and put them out there. I think, just really thinking about who your super fans are and how they can kind of help be part of your network, and then type of content that they would enjoy, or even featuring themselves, is also kind of a great question/strategy.

Chantal:               You know what I think is interesting about those super fans is quite often, in my experience, I’ve found that they are the ones that are quite comfortable, you know, being social, being on camera. You’ve got those members or those clients that you work with that maybe have had amazing progress, but they’re a little bit shy, and maybe not the best spokesperson. But, quite often these super fans, who as you say are already out there, talking you up to their friends and to the people around them, they’re quite often excited to be asked to appear as the face of, or in a video, that helps you promote your business.

Jason:                   Oh, yeah. They would be honoured if you ask them.

Chantal:               They’ve got that personality. That’s a great one.

Jason:                   Yeah, and I think that genuine excitement about you as a fitness professional, you as a gym, or you as a trainer, you can’t replicate that. You can’t pay someone to do that. That’s genuine. People can see that kind of stuff, so I think that’s really valuable.

Chantal:               Yeah, I agree.

Jason:                   Yeah. So, next question. So, we’re on to number five. What are ways you can let your personality shine? So, if you are a fitness trainer, this might just be you individually. If you’re part of a gym or something broader, this can be about the personality or brand of your gym or your business. The reason why I think this is especially important in this industry is because a lot of prospects are weighing … I think there’s, and I’m just speaking in part from I know that me and some of my friends, there’s some anxiety there about when you’re joining a new gym, or trying to pick a trainer. A lot of its like, I don’t know if I’m gonna like this person, or if there’s … You know, if they’re gonna be too tough on me or not tough enough, or I just don’t know what their style is.

So, kind of a little exercise I like to talk about sometimes with businesses is, what are the things that you can kind of share that give people the confidence of you, or your service, or your facility, before they even meet you, or before they even walk into your gym? I kind of think that should be your goal.

Before a new customer, before a prospect even meets you, how can you make sure they already know who you are? That they already know that they jive with you? That they already know that you’re someone that they want to spend multiple days a week with? How can you make sure that they’re already … Despite never having walked into your gym, how can you make sure they already feel like they know it? That they’re comfortable with it? That they like the environment? They like the vibe? Everything about it? By the time they actually walk into your gym or they come at you, it’s kind of like, you know, your goal should be their decision has already kind of been made because you’ve kind of leveraged video to make that whole decision making process easier on them. They can really form their perspective without even needing their seat.

Chantal:               Jason, I think that is a hugely important point that you’ve just made because I think that we all can agree that quite often, as professionals, we love posting photos or videos of us doing a heavy dead lift, or squatting a huge weight, or doing an amazing exercise that we’re really proud of and we want to inspire our members and the people that we work with. But, quite often, I think, to the general population those images or those videos can be intimidating.

Jason:                   Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Chantal:               Whereas what I’m hearing you say is that we can potentially connect a lot better with our prospects if we’re getting on there and posting the everyday, sort of, activities that we do, and us being authentic. The high’s and the low’s, not just the highlight reel, of what’s going on in our life. So, what I’m hearing from Jason is, if we get content online, which is us being ourselves, then people are much more likely to feel comfortable when they do come into our facility, or when they do meet us as a personal trainer for the first time, because you’re not that intimidating super hero that’s posting all these perfect videos and images. You’re actually a real person that will be able to help that prospect with their health and fitness sights.

Jason:                   Exactly, just that authenticity and just the real you, the real gym, the real company, the real trainer, the real facility. Just all that … The goal really is to reduce that level of anxiety and increase that level of comfort and familiarity, sort of.

Chantal:               Yep. I love that.

Jason:                   Great. So the last question that I promised. I said six questions. This is number six. Is what are the things that you commonly get asked? There’s probably a dozen things that you regularly get asked, and they probably get asked, you know, for good questions. But, if you could capture those, and I would specifically suggest that you separate them all out into different videos, but if you could take each one of those questions and create a video around that, those will be valuable, too. Especially if you know that these are things that people regularly ask, then you already have some kind of proof that the content is valuable. The question is valuable. The answer is valuable. By creating a video around it, you already have some confidence that you know that your community is going to be interested in.

It might be some, again, it doesn’t have to be limited to the actual training exercise, although those might be where a lot of the questions are. It might be something about diet or about philosophy or method, or even some kind of clothing or equipment. Just really, anything around that kind of lifestyle of fitness, I think, is fair game.

Chantal:               You know, Jason, I love the relevance of these six questions, not only to content creation for video, but content creation across the board. You know, all those questions that you’re asking are just as relevant for people that are blogging or podcasting. You know, it’s such valuable port starters that you’ve just shared with us. I love that we can take those ideas and start to really craft a really comprehensive video library, just based on those six questions you’ve just shared with us.

So, before we finish up for the part one of this intensive series, do you want to remind everyone what that homework was that you mentioned right at the very beginning?

Jason:                   Yeah, so I had said that our challenge for you guys, for listening, is to write down 20 topics that you can create videos for about your business. I hope, after these six questions, that you have even more than 20, that these just kind of unleashed a flood of different ideas. That was really the goal here because I think this is the first place that people get stuck. They might have an idea for a video or two, but how is it that they can regularly kind of, communicate with the video? Hopefully through these six questions, you have no shortage of ideas, and now you’re just at that point of, I can’t wait to get started.

We’re gonna cover, in our subsequent episodes, best practises and tips and tricks for how to get started. I should also mention too, so the company that I work with, Animoto, we are a simple video creation tool, very simple drag and drop tool that you can easily create videos. If you’re trying to find a simple tool to get started, I encourage you to try out Animoto. There is a free trial, so you don’t even need to spend anything to start making videos. We also created a special promotion discount code for just this listening office that gets 15% off to anyone that wants to subscribe to Animoto. That promo code, which we’ll put in the comments, is fitness biz, b-i-z. So, there should be no excuse to get started. You have a tonne of ideas, and if you keep listening to our subsequent episodes, we’re gonna give you lots more tips and tricks for how to make your videos awesome.

Chantal:               I love that, Jason. I don’t know if I told you this, but I do a presentation, which is all about success strategies of ultrahigh performance. In that session, I talk about all of my favourite apps and tools and systems, and Animoto is on that list of one of my absolute favourites, because I started using Animoto, probably about halfway through 2017, I think it was, to actually promote this podcast. What I love about it is just how simple it is. I am not technically minded at all, but I love the effect of actually promoting our product, the podcast, using video. That’s what I absolutely loved is that someone like me, who has no technical skills whatsoever, but needed kind of like a DIY solution. It was super, super easy, and that’s why I recommend it to other people as well. Thank you so much. Thank you for the discount code. We’re gonna pop that in the show notes for today’s episode, and thank you for joining us for part one of our video marketing for fitness professionals, intensive.

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